AiJSlideToggle is a joomla plugin gives you slidetoggle in joomla contents. AiJSlideToggle use JQuery as the effect power. AiJSlideToggle

How it's works !

See demo JQuery Fade Slider Toggle




You can use
You can easily add to joomla contents item. Since version 1.1, you can add accordion-like with the syntax below
{slidetoggle=Title 1|groupname}
Contents 1
{slidetoggle=Title 2|groupname}
Contents 2


  • Version 1.0 [October 30, 2009]
    • Initial release
  • Version 1.1 [December 26, 2009]
    • * Fix nested slides
    • * added Accordion-like structure
  • Version 1.2 [January 07, 2010]
    • * Update code for plugin performance


Download AiJSlideToggle 1.2

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